Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some folks just...get it. I received this letter the other day, and, well, you read it:

"Mr. Hickman,
Hello! My name is The Crimson Fist, and I am a superhero based in Atlanta, Georgia. Much like your main character in the book Twilight Guardian, myself and others world-wide (our numbers range in the low 200's) have developed superheroic identities and set out into our communities to help try and make the world a safer and all-around nicer place to live. I picked up a copy of Twilight Guardian on a whim while on a trip to the comic shop and I was thrilled to see a character that I could relate to on such a personal level. I love the book, and have encouraged all my fellow heroes to read it as well.
I am writing to thank you for the wonderful first issue, and to tell you that I am encouraging all of my fellow heroes to vote for the series to continue once the polls open next month. I hope to see more in the future!
My best to you and yours, -- The Crimson Fist
Justice Never Sleeps."

Frankly, the Fist's note filled me with hope, both for Twilight Guardian and the folks who understand the comic, but even more for us all. As I've said, maybe the world IS going to hell, gang, but it doesn't have to be a one-way trip. Thanks, CF.


Hero said...

There's no need for thanks, Troy. You just keep writing this fantastic book, and I'll keep walking the streets.

Heck, I might even catch someone watering their neighbor's garden!

-The Crimson Fist
Justice Never Sleeps

Juggling Jason said...

My friend and I were commenting in how well you had researched your subject Troy. This letter substantiates our hunch. Very cool!

Ritch said...

Your book's got my vote. Very inspirational. Very touching. Most awesome hero ever since I read the Runaways.

The Deaths Head Moth said...

Good read. Hope it gets picked up.

The Deaths Head Moth said...

Good read. Hope it gets picked up.

The Deaths Head Moth said...

Good read. Hope it gets picked up.

The Crimson Fist said...

Something gives me the impression that Deaths Head Moth wants TG to get picked up.

Must just be my ace detective skills.