Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Pictures!

Here's some of the artwork that was generated in the pre-production days of Twilight Guardian. I thought you might like to check it out:

This first piece was quite dynamic. Too dynamic, in fact, for the mundane tone of TG. Might make a neat take on an alternate-Earth Twilight Guardian, though.

This one was closer, but she's too young and care-free looking here. At this point, Reza and the gang were supposedly basing her on a combinating of Amanda Bynes, and Hayley Williams from the band Paramore. This is an exceptionally cute shot. It's just not TG.

And finally here's Twilight Guardian as we know and love (and are puzzled by) her. Not as frollicking, but with more going on upstairs.


Juggling Jason said...

I'm assuming you were in charge of art directing these...

I love to see the process.

Frederick said...

Oh, boy. A horrible drama brewed up in /co/ when people found out TwilightGuardian is about 35 years old.

I mean serious "I shouldn't have voted for it!" rage rants. Expect more of the same.

Troy Hickman said...

Yeah, I've heard that, Frederick. Interesting, huh? I talked about that phenomenon in an interview recently. I know some have suggested that it makes her more "tragic than cute," which says to me they either don't really understand the character or, more likely, they have a strange kind of crush on TG, and they don't want to think of her as a "MILF"... ;)