Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Geeky Brethren!

Here's a nice review from Jack Bauerstein at

"What do you get when you have a superhero that patrols the night on foot, helping people change flat tires, and eating beef jerky to sustain their energy? Well, you get The Twilight Guardian.

Written by Troy Hickman of Common Ground fame, Twilight Guardian tells the tale of a young woman who goes to work in the morning like everyone else excepts at night, she protects her neighborhood in a hoodie and a mask as The Twilight Guardian. She combs the area, searching for villains to thwart but usually she just heads home and reads her comics, hoping to hone her craft.

To call this comic wickedly bizarre is an understatement. It is definitely unlike anything that is out on the comic racks today or perhaps even ever. I know I have never read a book where I laughing at just how ridiculous the story was but at the same time, greatly amused by the whole idea. Is the Twilight Guardian really a superhero or is she just a crazy person? Perhaps she is in on the joke and knows something the reader and those around do not know. This comic has so much potential and can go in so many directions, it would be crazy for Top Cow to not consider continuing this series.

Hickman does his best toeing the line between serious drama and tongue in cheek scenarios. He definitely knows how to stage a scene. There were many times where I thought something superhero-esque would happen only to realize it was a false alarm. It is very mundane and just overall not too exciting, yet oddly innovative. This is truly a comic book that keeps its feet on the ground yet soars to new heights by just being something off beat and unique. I also like how readers get a chance to read some of the comics that the Twilight Guardian uses as her learner manuals. They are hilarious and poke some serious fun at comic books.

My only complaint about the book is the art. The artist Reza is good enough, but I think a more dynamic, bombastic artist should have been assigned to the book. It would have given the book a bit more of that superhero feel to it, adding to the suspense of whether or not the Twilight Guardian has powers or if she will gain some over the course of the book.

If you want to read something strange, bizarre, and unlike anything you have ever read, you need to pick up Twilight Guardian. It is strangely satisfying even if it is not what you expect."

Thanks so much, Jack!


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Just wanted to thank you for the kind words on my review.

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