Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Troy's Patrol Journal #1

* Tonight I saw two little boys, approximately age six, running down the sidewalk in front of their 10pm! It was pitch dark, and there was not a parent to be seen anywhere (not even watching through the window). How freaking stupid are people? Look, I was brought up in a time and place when you didn't have to lock your doors, and if a child predator ever had come into the area, he would've been found floating face down in the Wabash River (probably because of someone in my family). And despite all that, there's no way my mom would've let me wonder around by myself at 10pm. And unfortunately the world can be a considerably darker place these days. I kept an eye on the kids for a minute, then they went inside, thank goodness. I'm thinking I should do something about this, even if it's only to leave a note in the mailbox so these rocket scientists might buy a clue.

* The toads are out in full force. You wouldn't think they'd hang around this neighborhood, as it's nothing but houses with back and front yards. There's not a wooded area or pond for quite a distance. And yet ever year about this time you can hear their trilling croak (really a lovely sound), and by the end of June or so, they're littering the sidewalks (I've taken to avoiding any dark-colored splotch on the pavement).

* Every night I pass this house and inside I can see a man and a woman watching TV. The odd thing about it, though, is that they're both sitting on the couch, but leaning forward, like they're on the edge of their seats. They sit like that every night, and tonight when I went by, I noticed they were watching The Weather Channel. I can only assume this either means they have hemorrhoid issues, or they really, really want to hear about the precipitation in Windom, Minnesota.

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