Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Name is Legion, For We Are Many

No sooner do I talk about the reality of walking around at night than I get a message from one of my fellow Twilight Guardians. I'll omit his name to protect his secret identity (let me know if you'd prefer to be known, amigo), but here's what he had to say:

"Hello there. While at the local comic shop today this book caught my eye and I started flipping through it. Within mere pages I found myself delighted by the concept. Finally, a "hero" I can really identify with. You see, I too am a wanderer of the darkened residential streets! During my walks I am not actually on the lookout for crime, but I do playfully refer to them as "patrols", and I think how grateful everyone should be to have me out prowling around keeping an eye on things. I was so charmed I actually bought the book despite my notorious cheapness.

If the series gets picked up, I hope nothing continues to happen to her and that she never gets hurt. I realize these are unusual sentiments to express about a comic book character.

My compliments to Reza also."

Eventually, we're gonna take back the streets, nine blocks at a time...

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